[nfbwatlk] We are already making money!!!! NFBW Book Fair @ Barnes & Noble

Kristina Lawrence tishgifts at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 05:04:03 UTC 2009

Hello my friends,

I gotta tell you good job. We are off to a good start. Today at around
5pm, we stopped by the Barnes & Noble to drop off stuff for tomorrow.
When I talked with Jessie, she told me that we had already earned $50
which means that we have had $500 in sales. It is important for the
people we contact to tell the cashiers that they are supporting the
NFBW book fair when they make their purchases. The cashiers are not
allowed to ask if the person making the purchase wishes to support the
Book Fair because that is considered solicitation and that is not
allowed within the store.

Also, it is important for those making purchases at another Barnes &
Noble to give the Book Fair ID# to the cashier to tell them that they
are supporting our efforts. The book fair ID # is 446245. Also, this
is good whether you are purchasing coffe at the cafe or books or gifts
from the store. We even had Danielle King go and use her Barnes and
Noble gift card that she received for Christmas at the local Barnes &
Noble and her purchase went to our efforts.

Keep up the good work! See you there tomorrow!

Kris Lawrence

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