[NFBWATlk] Seeking WA High School Students with Disabilities for a College Prep Program

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From: DO-IT <doit at uw.edu>
Sent: Wednesday, January 5, 2022 3:00 AM
Subject: Seeking WA High School Students with Disabilities for a College Prep Program

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[University of Washington]<http://discover.uw.edu/MTMxLUFRTy0yMjUAAAGByN5JWogYiK1gJnI-Rx2cmp_Js0ux46oawvICTXbqzjVFb09wsk4YK94h414sCVBZVJB8YsY=>

Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, Technology (DO-IT)

[Recommend a Scholar]

Thank you for connecting us to great DO-IT Scholar applicants so far for 2022.

DO-IT Scholars prepares students for success in college and careers. The DO-IT Scholars program includes two consecutive Summer Study sessions on the University of Washington (UW) campus where Scholars live in a dormitory, participate in labs and lectures with UW faculty, work on projects together, and explore campus and Seattle-area resources. This allows students to experience college life and develop their self-advocacy skills. Each Scholar is provided with a laptop and any necessary assistive technology and works with a DO-IT technology specialist on setup requirements. Throughout the school year, Scholars connect with program staff, mentors, and each other. They participate in DO-IT events, complete projects, and receive valuable information and support for the transition to college. Students are encouraged to consider a variety of postsecondary programs that best suit their academic interests and unique circumstances.

DO-IT Scholars are not charged for instructional materials, housing, meals, activities, and accommodations such as sign language interpreters at Summer Study sessions and may apply for funding to assist with the costs associated with travel and/or hiring personal care assistants.

Preferred applications fit the following categories (*see below for FAQs):

·    are a high school sophomore or junior

·    have a disability*

·    live or attend school in Washington state

·    aim to continue their education past high school

Please share this email with students and parents. The link below takes you to the Scholar, parent, and teacher/counselor recommendation forms. To get started, you can complete their teacher/counselor recommendation today.

Attend an info session!
Please drop in to an info session via Zoom to learn more. We can answer questions about the application process and clarify program components.  Join via Zoom here<http://discover.uw.edu/MTMxLUFRTy0yMjUAAAGByN5JWh8fcDvDIgvJeJ-go9mWWBb7el47uBgEqOYvF3rYsgZY139ZVjqZ5PZhUjEQDuBmUfM=> or enter meeting ID: 941 3809 8487.
·    Friday, January 7, 2022, 7:00–8:00 am PST
·    Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 12–1:00 pm PST
·    Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 7:30–8:30 pm PST
·    Thursday, January 13, 2022, 6:30–7:30 pm PST
Priority is given to applications received by January 30th. Applications received after that date are considered on a space-available basis.

Though paper applications were sent to all high schools in Washington state we know those don’t make it to everyone. If you would like printed copy sent to you, please email us at doit at uw.edu<mailto:doit at uw.edu>.

Recommend a Scholar<http://discover.uw.edu/MTMxLUFRTy0yMjUAAAGByN5JWu8AXQb0uyi43mhKHxnnOYzOVXGsrN4qAdmAnRD3cSOc5069qFyn1op0wbndy8TXzYs=>

Frequently Asked Questions:
·    Are DO-IT Scholars charged for instructional materials, housing, meals, activities, and accommodations such as sign language interpreters at Summer Study sessions?
·    Students with what types of disabilities are eligible to apply?
Scholars can have any type of disability recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act, including both those with or without IEP or 504 plans.
·    Should applicants have specific academic interests?
No, we accept students with a variety of academic interests and career goals.
To see more FAQs and learn more about the Scholars program, visit the Scholars website<http://discover.uw.edu/MTMxLUFRTy0yMjUAAAGByN5JWrtW9jEULwt-Ifet_eWClxLSF32wTKlxoTJ9u-mGh0HFioBdOdEb4HOzw2oAm94HZUk=>.

DO-IT Home<http://discover.uw.edu/MTMxLUFRTy0yMjUAAAGByN5JWpD3FiV2iJ4ktkbrggMDFoyg-O5YRj9BybfzDND5xA_QqRRfNUY46oavSH8GBDWXO-o=>
Scholars Program<http://discover.uw.edu/MTMxLUFRTy0yMjUAAAGByN5JWnpdS2FvvDLG39fZJD5Jt2pYFX1T5MGC6b9Isu1KbuiHAMWDeXus8qKELeUna8aabWw=>
Disability Resources<http://discover.uw.edu/MTMxLUFRTy0yMjUAAAGByN5JWs6GWS2nMr5MMJm-mhlyDa60WQRN9Q-pLLMdyrFOc-9mMMQRm_svYy1TfMxVCcW73hw=>

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