[NFBWATlk] Museum of Civil Rights Survey

Bennett Prows bjprows at comcast.net
Thu Feb 3 16:21:16 UTC 2022

Hi Listers,

President Riccobono sent out a paragraph about the survey he mentioned in the latest presidential release. It pertains to a museum we are contemplating at our national center. Here’s what he said:

Civil Rights Museum Planning:
The National Federation of the Blind has begun the initial planning of a state-of-the-art museum dedicated to the civil rights struggle of blind Americans, including the history of our organization as the leader in the blind civil rights movement. Our museum will highlight the struggles, triumphs, and challenges blind people have experienced and the contributions we have made as we continue to secure our place in the world as fully participating citizens. 
You can help with the planning of our museum by completing our online or telephone survey. The online survey can be accessed by from our website, or by calling 229-632-7878 or toll-free 833-632-7878. The survey closes on February 11, so please provide us your thoughts and suggestions as soon as possible.

I just took the survey, and it doesn’t take long. The system allows for some answers using the touchtone pad on the phone, and also has some answers to be recorded by audio. It is really easy, and I hope we all can take the survey and answer the questions. It will certainly   give our NFB staff a good cross section of opinions. I hope you can take about ten to fifteen minutes to call in or go to the web site and make your views known.

Have a great day.


Bennett Prows

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