[NFBWATlk] Alarming Voting News

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Hello Ben,

Yes, this is definitely a piece of very, very much disturbing news. 

Now, I live in an apartment all on my own. And let's say that I was eligible to vote, and actually filled in my electronic ballot, or whatever is that makes it accessible, and then printed it out. Then, let's say I input my signature using AIRA or whatever service I choose to use with my own signature guide. Then I dropped off my signed ballot, and everything is secured.

Granted, I wouldn't have any sort of true sighted assistance to see if my signature really matches up with what they have on file, no matter how closely and how faithfully I try to do my chicken scratches on the hard copy signature page. And no matter how lined up my guide is to the page even if an AIRA agent sort of were able to help me. 

And even if I had to actually go in person to sign my vote with a machine... that wouldn't be very safe in today's health crisis times. At least, I wouldn't feel safe. 

I would absolutely feel very discouraged from voting if I am going to have all these accessibility challenges at once. Yes, very much discouraged. This is #BlindVoterSuppression. 

Unless some blindness AT vendor tries to come up with a signature tracing pad technology, where I input a signature into it and helps me re-trrace it with a pen, is that something the NFB of Washington can advocate so the laws around signatures could change? Has the NFB done that in the past?

I'm very much deeply passionate about accessibility issues myself. I see a lot of inaccessibility every day in my job. Specifically since the start of the pandemic. 

I just wanted to speak my mind a little bit... and offer my two cents. 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Take care,


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Hi, Bennett (I like that name) 
Thanks for letting us know.
How old are your girls now and what are they doing? I remember when they were born!

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Hi Listers,

I have some disturbing news. I had my ballot in the drop box near my apartment last Sunday, as did the rest of my family. On Thursday, my daughters went on line to the King County elections web site, and checked to make sure all our votes were in. They found that all of our ballots were in, but only mine was *rejected. My signature didn’t match the signature they have on file for me. The notice said the county elections folks would reach out to me, but that I could fill out the signature form, and either send it in or upload and email it. Since I haven’t heard from them, that’s what I’m going to do today. 

I strongly recommend that you the listers here, make sure to check the election web site, or call the telephone number in your area that will get you the information about tracking your ballot. I’m so glad my daughters checked. I will somehow get my vote counted, even if I have to ultimately go to an election center and use a machine.

Please remember to vote!
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