[NFBWATlk] Hello from the NFBW Members at Large Chapter

Kristina Colcock tishgifts at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 20:07:45 UTC 2020

Hello Members,


Hope you are all doing well and surviving the past week’s snowy conditions.
I love Washington’s microclimates! One area can be snowed under while the
neighboring area is bare and dry. Keeps things interesting, doesn’t it?

Our January meeting was a bit confusing. I apologize to those who signed in
on January 9th expecting a meeting. I was in Baltimore at the NFB Jernigan
Institute attending the seminar for this year’s BELL academy. Marci
Carpenter and I had a busy and informative seminar. We are excited about
this year’s BELL Academy and look forward to sharing what we learned and
how everyone in the affiliate can be part of this experience no matter
where you live. We did hold a meeting on January 16th. However it was
lightly attended and we agreed to wait until February to hold elections and
conduct chapter business.

We also need to change the date of the February meeting. As many of you
know, the Washington Seminar is happening in February. This means that many
of us will be traveling on February 13th which is the date of our next
meeting. We felt that it was best to move the meeting to February 20th so
that the majority of our members may attend without the pressure of having
just returned home from Washington D.C.. We are also hoping to hear from
the North American Association of Blind Sportsman at our February meeting.
They sound like an interesting organization and we look forward to their

The extra time also allows for anyone who might have forgotten to send in
their dues a few more weeks. Remember, you can send the dues in via Paypal
and use the email address Payments at nfbw.org to submit your dues. If you
would like to send in dues via a check, please send them to the NFBW, PO
Box 2516, Seattle, WA 98111.

If you have any questions or trouble signing into the Zoom platform, please
feel free to give me or another chapter member a ring. Looking forward to
talking to all of you in February if not sooner!

Stay warm!

Kris Colcock

President, NFBW Members at Large Chapter


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