[NFBWATlk] Hotel rooms for convention

Marci Carpenter mjc59 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 24 00:42:24 UTC 2019

Just a heads up regarding hotel room reservations at the Hotel RL; if you are offered a lower room rate as part of a “sale“ please be aware that that rate does not include the free breakfast which is included with our room rate. Also, we discovered that people reserving rooms at that rate are not being included in our room bloc list. Corey has moved Jim Portillo and Noel Nightingale into our room bloc,  but if you have reserved a room at the lower rate and plan to maintain your reservation that way please contact me so we can make sure your name is still included in our list. We don’t want to be penalized for not having enough rooms reserved per our contract.


Marci Carpenter
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