[NFBWATlk] Quick question regarding Convention

Humberto Avila humberto_avila.it104 at outlook.com
Mon Oct 28 02:56:01 UTC 2019

Dear NFBW List Members:

This upcoming weekend, I will be attending the NFBW State Convention in Olympia, at the Hotel R L. I will be travelling (and perhaps rooming) with a gentleman from Kennewick who is a Spanish speaker, and whose English proficiency is somewhat minimal.

I am concerned about him being able to understand  many of the presentations covered as well as the general sessions.

My question is, will there be a Spanish interpretation service, just like (I have heard) there are within the National Conventions of the NFB? If so, how can this be arranged?

Will there be a connect person that he could go to, get his questions answered, and perhaps help him be “at home” by interpreting / accessing the content of the convention meetings? I can always sit with him and do this, unless there are moments in which our interest diverge within the Convention agenda, and so I am just wondering.

He is coming from the DSB Orientation and Training Center (OTC) as I am.

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome! Thanks again in advance and I hope to see ya all at Convention!!

Sincerely Yours,


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