[NFBWATlk] iOS 13? Don’t do it!

Elizabeth Rene rene0373 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 19:45:57 UTC 2019

hi list mates,
Just a word to the wise. Apple has updated his iOS for iPad and iPhone introducing features that counsel out many important accessibility features. If you have low vision or use Braille, these bugs in the new operating system can significantly impede your work. I installed iOS 13.1.3 yesterday morning, and I am sadder and wiser for having done so. If you go to AppleVis.com, you will get a detailed description of the problems that now exist. Those articles refer to iOS 13.1.2, but the problems have not been resolved by iOS 13.1.3.
If you have already installed any version of iOS 13 and are having problems, please contact Apple accessibility customer service at 877-204-3930 and report them. Or go to appleVis.com, sign in, and make a comment. That is the only way that Apple software engineers will know the extent to which our community is negatively impacted by the new update, According to Apple’s accessibility technicians.
Good luck,

Elizabeth M René 
Attorney at Law 
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KCBA #21824
rene0373 at gmail.com 

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