[NFBWATlk] Members at Large chapter reminder for convention

Kristina Colcock tishgifts at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 00:39:30 UTC 2019

Hello Chapter members and those who are interested in the Members at
Large Chapter,

With our upcoming convention, there is a lot of information that was
talked about during our last call. I know it can be a little confusing
trying to keep all the information straight, so I’m sending out this
email to help.

First, we will meet as a chapter for face to face social time at the
convention. So much of the time we are separated by distance and don’t
get to have the in person contact that many of the other chapters
have. This is why it is so important for us to gather whenever we can.
With such a packed agenda, it can be challenging to do so. For your
information, I will be arriving on Thursday night. If anyone wants to
get together for dinner or drinks on Thursday, please let me know.
Otherwise, we will attempt to gather as a chapter on Friday night
during dinner AND during the Talent Show.

Friday night dinner:
5:30pm – 6:30pm in the restaurant. I will arrive early enough to grab
a table or two for our group. If you can let me know how many to
expect, that will help immensely.

Talent Show:
The student division is putting on a talent show / Karaoke night.
There are plenty of comfortable chairs and couches in the stage area.
Let’s sit together and cheer on those who are performing for us. Any
takers on doing something as a group?

Secondly, door prizes – Door prizes are a fun way to add a bit of
suspense and thrill to our event. However, this does not happen
without effort on all our parts. Please take a few minutes and talk to
local shop owners to find unique items. A “in-kind” donation is always
welcome. If they need a letter or more information about the NFBW, let
me know. As a chapter we will be donating $50 in cash and 2 Braille
Uno decks. Les is also donating a couple of items. We also auction off
high ticket items or baked goods when they are donated. The auction
items help the affiliate raise funds. Again, if you have any question
or need more information let me know!

Third, we will be running our own fund raiser at the convention! We
will have raffle tickets to sell. Each ticket costs $1 or they can get
6 for $5. During the banquet, we will pull the winning ticket. Whoever
holds that ticket will receive 50% of the money raised from the sale
of the raffle tickets (i.e. if we sell $250 worth of tickets, the
jackpot is $125).

I am very excited about this year’s convention! It is just a few weeks
away. Be sure to reserve your room, get your transportation secured
and your registration in. If you need financial assistance, please let
me know asap or contact Marci Carpenter directly.

See you in Olympia!

Kris Colcock
President, NFBW Members at Large Chapter
kris at colcock.com

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