[NFBWATLK] Renting a car as a blind Washingtonian

Jamal Mazrui jamal at empowermentzone.com
Mon Jun 17 00:52:03 UTC 2019

In the state of Washington, can a blind person over 21 (with government 
ID), rent a car that would be driven by a driver who is 18?  The driver 
has a license from New York.

A brother of mine, who is also blind, will be visiting for a few days 
this summer, along with his son, who has a NY driver license.  If 
possible, I would like to rent a car, e.g., from SeaTac airport, for 
which I would pay during their visit, but which would be driven by my 

Based on web searches, it seems that one has to be at least 21 to rent a 
car in Washington.  Although I have not done so myself before, I recall 
that, under ADA, a blind person, who is otherwise qualified, can rent a 
car.  I do not know, however, what conditions must be met for the driver 
of the car.

Any clarifications or links would be appreciated.


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