[NFBWATlk] NFB Rideshare Testing

Michael Forzano michaeldforzano at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 06:33:21 UTC 2019

Hi All

For those who don't know, the NFB has been conducting testing to monitor Uber and Lyft's compliance with the settlement regarding denials of passengers with service animals. Unfortunately, we continue to be denied by Uber and Lyft drivers, so the data gathered by the testing program continues to be important. In order to meet our goal for 2019, the NFB of Washington needs to report 9 additional Uber tests and 7 Lyft tests.

If you are a guide dog user and use rideshare, please fill out the form at https://nfb.org/rideshare-test for each ride you take, regardless of whether you were denied. Both positive and negative experiences are helpful and count towards our goal. You may also fill out the form for any rides dating back to January 1, 2019 that you have not yet reported. If possible, please also email me at michaeldforzano at gmail.com to let me know how many Uber and Lyft rides you reported.

The testing for this year must be completed by December 31. If the goal is met, the NFB of Washington will receive a grant in early 2020.

Thanks in advance for your help with this important project.


Mike Forzano. 

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