[NFBWATlk] Looking for some Advice on Apartment- or Studio-Living

Merribeth Greenberg merribeth.manning at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 19:30:38 UTC 2019

Hi Humberto,
Congrats on the new job; how exciting.
The ladies have given some good advice and ideas.
I just wanted to comment on the idea of the studio.
I had one a while back; in a senior living place in Pocatello Idaho.
They can be nice, but you have to be creative with storage. Everything is
out in the open. The unit I had, had a sliding divider wall. But, I don't
know that you would find them in most places. If you wanted to divide off
your sleeping area from your entertaining area, you might have to
purchase a free standing divider. If you do decide to divide the space it
does feel smaller.
>From living here, I learned I don't like living alone. I rather have a
roommate (a human one).
Good luck on your new adventures; and Happy Holidays.
Beth Greenberg

On Sat, Dec 7, 2019 at 5:27 PM Humberto Avila via NFBWATlk <
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> Hello, All:
> I hope you all are having a fantastic evening and weekend.
> I am here with a question and / or a request for pieces of advice if
> possible.  Here’s my situation:
> Two weeks ago on 11/20/19, I interviewed for a teaching position with a
> school district near the area where I am doing my independent living
> training. The interview was awesome and I got a good impression of the
> people I would be working with ETC.
> But to cut to the chase quickly… yesterday I got a call from those same
> people that interviewed me that day. I was offered the job working with
> blind students in the Tacoma School District (In Washington State) and I
> have accepted it on the phone. What comes next is a matter of orientations,
> trainings, and the human resource part… all of that very exciting. But
> well… where am I going to breathe after long, hard, challenging, first
> couple of days at work? This is where I would love asking my questions:
>   1.  What are some of your experiences with going apartment searching?
>   2.  What are some of your experiences with coping with moving in to a
> new place and living independently?
>   3.  What strategies and techniques do you use to learn your new
> environment in your living arrangement?
>   4.  Has anyone rented a studio apartment? What is your experience with
> this type of living? Any perks, or inconveniences that I have to deal with
> there?
>   5.  How do you deal with inaccessible materials presented by landlords,
> as well as leasing terms and conditions, and accommodations?
> Any advice, once again, is deeply appreciated! Sorry for my longwinded
> email. But thanks for reading, and I sure look forward to hearing from you
> very soon. 😊
> Best Wishes,
> Humberto
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