[NFBWATlk] Looking for some Advice on Apartment- or Studio-Living

Humberto Avila humberto_avila.it104 at outlook.com
Sun Dec 8 01:25:18 UTC 2019

Hello, All:

I hope you all are having a fantastic evening and weekend.

I am here with a question and / or a request for pieces of advice if possible.  Here’s my situation:

Two weeks ago on 11/20/19, I interviewed for a teaching position with a school district near the area where I am doing my independent living training. The interview was awesome and I got a good impression of the people I would be working with ETC.

But to cut to the chase quickly… yesterday I got a call from those same people that interviewed me that day. I was offered the job working with blind students in the Tacoma School District (In Washington State) and I have accepted it on the phone. What comes next is a matter of orientations, trainings, and the human resource part… all of that very exciting. But well… where am I going to breathe after long, hard, challenging, first couple of days at work? This is where I would love asking my questions:

  1.  What are some of your experiences with going apartment searching?
  2.  What are some of your experiences with coping with moving in to a new place and living independently?
  3.  What strategies and techniques do you use to learn your new environment in your living arrangement?
  4.  Has anyone rented a studio apartment? What is your experience with this type of living? Any perks, or inconveniences that I have to deal with there?
  5.  How do you deal with inaccessible materials presented by landlords, as well as leasing terms and conditions, and accommodations?

Any advice, once again, is deeply appreciated! Sorry for my longwinded email. But thanks for reading, and I sure look forward to hearing from you very soon. 😊

Best Wishes,


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