[NFBWATLK] Our Vanda story.

Judy Jones sonshines59 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 15:34:08 UTC 2018

A few years ago, Chris was diagnosed with Non-24, and did a lot of research
to try to get insurance to buy the Vanda drug.


He finally got an appointment with a neurologist in the area, who stated
flatly that he would not prescribe Vanda's drug, Hetlioz, because of the
unnecessary expense, when other drugs would fill the bill in being as
affective.  He saved us thousands of dollars by prescribing another drug,
Rozerem. Chris only had to take it about six months, and is no longer
bothered by non-24.  This was back in, I believe, 2015.  


When Vanda came to our Idaho convention, I approached them about the drug,
and the rep told me that the drug wouldn't really work, although it is a
derivative of Vanda's drug.  Well, that is not true, and I pointed out that
we had already experienced for ourselves that Rozerem really works, and for
a fraction of the cost, and asked why Vanda's was so expensive.


I have been disappointed that NFB got on this band-wagon, when there are
other alternatives out there.


Also see link below.






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