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*See below message from Caryn Tenin  representing the Medical Interpreters Task Force for WSDBC. Please do not reply to this message. Use the email addresses listed below for further information. Thank You*


Kaiser Permanente (KP) and Interpreters

Do you go to Kaiser Permanente?

What is your experience with communication at KP? Are you satisfied? Does KP always provide you with interpreters for your doctor appointments? Do they always provide you with interpreters for the Emergency Department? What about surgery? Do you always have an interpreter for surgery?

Many DB people complain that KP is not always good about communication access. Sometimes their doctor is good at reserving a good interpreter, but the Emergency department is bad. Some DB say they do not get any interpreter at all - none, for their surgery. Other people say the interpreter is not skilled. Sometimes KP hires the wrong interpreter, not skilled at Signing, not know PT etc.

Now we can put pressure on KP to follow the law. The attorney for the Department of Justice for our region is interested to hear from you. Her name is Christina Fogg. She wants to work with DB patients and our community to help KP improve but it is important that she get a message from you. Email her at christina.fogg at usdoj.gov<mailto:christina.fogg at usdoj.gov>.

If you want help to email Christina, you can ask Caryn Tenin, (cubby77 at gmail.com)<mailto:cubby77 at gmail.com)> or Theresa Smith, (Theresa-smith at comcast.net)<mailto:Theresa-smith at comcast.net)> or Allie Joiner at DBSC (ajoiner at seattledbsc.org<mailto:ajoiner at seattledbsc.org> ).

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