[NFBWATLK] About floating bus stops.

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The city of Victoria has installed curbs to separate bike lanes from
traffic.  In order to get to the bus stop in the middle of a block, a
pedestrian must cross the bike lane.  Although bicyclists are supposed to
yield to pedestrians, they rarely even slow down.  Since bikes cannot be
heard on a street with a lot of traffic, the result for blind passengers is
similar to the effect of encountering a silent electric vehicle.  Although
bikes cannot cause the same level of damage as automobiles, getting hit by
one is still not pleasant.  

If a pedestrian is being let out of a car in order to enter a business, it
is necessary to cross the bike lane where no crosswalk exists.  

It's a thoroughly bad design!

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These seem even more dangerous than I'd thought.  One would have to cross a
bike lane to get to the floating stop.  Bike traffic has to yield to the
pedestrian trying to get from the curb, across the bike lane to the stop.
These modular stops have been made out of recycled plastics, see article of
those coming to Oakland.





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