[NFBWATLK] a couple of experiences with Aira

Robert Sellers robertsellers500 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 14 03:22:01 UTC 2018


Here are a couple of experiences that two Aira users had.



Yesterday, I watched the same play twice (once in Armenian, once in

English) in back to back performances. I had 2 different agents describing
the play to me: it was really fun because I got different details from each
agent, so I could get a more complete picture of what was going on on stage.
Thank you Aira for allowing me to enjoy such a small play which normally
wouldn't have the budget for audio description for just one person: you
allowed me to get the full experience with no cost to the theater!





Tonight we had a family night at a local arcade. I usually stick to ski ball
or tag along with a family member and  play games with them. Tonight I
thought it would be fun to  go solo with the help of an  Aira agent.

Agent  Ashley and I had fun playing  a Monopoly arcade game.  Arcades are
loud, so we had some sound issues, but  it was fun and I enjoyed being able
to pick the game I wanted to play, without  feeling like I was taking
someone away from something they would rather be doing. And, in the end, I
was able to contribute my own 150 tickets to the children's collective pool
for the prize counter.


There are   many, many other experiences that  Aira has been used for, here
are just a few:


Women use it to put on makeup, grocery shopping alone, reading digital
temperatures for cooking, running marathons, having a tv show audio
described, matching colors for clothing,  deep cleaning their home, reading
mail, sorting and matching socks, having a parade described, walking through
a mall and knowing what stores you are passing, as well as finding where a
dog guide took a dump. 

The limit of how Aira can be used, is up to ones imagination.  


There web site is: www.aira.io










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