[NFBWATLK] piano instruction and braille music

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Wed Jan 17 15:41:23 UTC 2018

Elizabeth wrote on these subjects a while back.  I'm in no position to help
with in-person training for numerous reasons, but wanted to mention
available free resources.


I tried and gave up on braille music a couple times during my life.  I now
am dabbling with the flute.  We'll see how long or how deep I go with this,
but given that NLS has a lot of flute instructional materials in braille,
and that I'm singing in a chorus for which they have a score, I decided to
get over myself and learn braille music.  (There are audio instructional
materials for flute as well as a lot of other instruments.) There are
advantages to being an adult learner.  I downloaded a couple excellent free
braille music instruction resources from the Music Section, the sort of
thing which, if I had had them before, I might have persevered then.  It
really is not difficult with proper instructional materials, though it does
take practice to build familiarity and reading speed.


As for the piano, not everybody wants to be self-taught, but again, the
Music Section has at least two audio courses for blind piano students, and
all sorts of supplemental and enrichment audio and braille instructional
materials. The vast majority of this can be obtained through BARD.this
material could be used by itself or to supplement in-person instruction.
It's really quite a gold mine of resources.  




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