[nfbwatlk] A poem by a Washington State School for the Blind student

Don Mitchell` donmi at q.com
Sun May 22 07:45:09 UTC 2016

This poem is written by Elora Handcock. Elora worked with the Clark County
chapter to organize a WSSB talent show. I think this poem, very
artistically, displays the spirit of federationism.




Still I Rise

Can you see colors? 

Can you see the words on a page?

These are the questions I hear every day

I want to answer, but I can't find the words

Still I Rise


I know I don't have to be the same as everyone else 

But I still feel as if I have to hide

Have to lie

Still I rise


Someone once told me

I would never be able to see

So I would never be able to do anything 

Still I rise


That isn't true

This is not holding me back

I can do anything 

Even if they don't see it, I do

Still I rise


Can you see a sunset?

Can you see the little bird flying?

Oh honey, it flew by I'm so sorry

But look, there's another

Still I rise


"I saw it!" I exclaim

She begins to cry because she really thinks I did

I feel terrible

Still I rise


Why do I have to hide?

I don't mind it this way

But everyone else does 

I know I'm special

Still I rise


People ask me

How can they help me

I feel a pang

They mean no harm but I feel sad

I can do anything 

Still I rise 


They send me to a school

I don't have to hide ever again

At least not while I'm at school

With my friends

Still I rise


I never have to hide there

Who I am

How I feel

I can feel OK about being me

Still I rise


My friends and I 

We don't talk about our vision

We don't need to 

That's not how we measure who we are

It's a part of us

But not all of us

Still I rise


Someday I will grow the rest of the way up

I will do anything I set my mind to

I will do anything people with full sight have

But I do have full sight

I see the world differently

Still I rise

No one can stop me

Still I rise

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