[nfbwatlk] FW: Paid and interesting opportunity

Anmol Bhatia anmolpbhatia at gmail.com
Mon May 16 16:20:49 UTC 2016

This seems like a really good opportunity for some of us to take part in.
Please feel free to

share with others.

Seattle area video production company Cut, is currently casting people
with profound visual impairment of any age to participate in a paid
video project with their most loved one (spouse, child, parent, etc.)
We are interested in exploring the way in which sight-impaired people
use their others senses to understand what something "looks" like.

WHEN: Sometime in May; shooting will take around 4 hours on a single
day. (we are flexible and can work around your schedule) The loved one
that you chose to bring along will only need to be present for the
last hour.
WHERE: In the Greater Seattle Area. Specific location TBD (we will
cover Uber rides to and from the filming location)

If you are interested in this opportunity please fill out this form:
www.cut.com/blind<http://www.cut.com/blind> or email
marina at cut.com<mailto:marina at cut.com>.

About Cut:
Cut currently has over 1 million subscribers and 256 million views on
YouTube. We have been featured in countless publications from Newsweek
and Time, to Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan. Please check out our work at

This seems like a really good opportunity for some of us to take part in.

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