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Not sure how good of a healer she is, but Forteo for a short time will heal
the bones quicker. That is a miserable injury as one bone heals quicker than
the other. It is last I knew an injectable tiny needle just under the skin.
So no drama no pain with the injection. It is once a day last I knew and you
have to keep the pen refrigerated. So lots of very good research that Canada
is aware of. Her Ortho should know all about how well it works. But only
that person can decide what kind of healer she is.

If I have surgery, grown, my bone doctor will give me this for a short time
to speed healing. I am a good healer not a normal healer like someone with
healthy bone structures.

Becky and her fluffy nurse 


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Hello everyone,


I believe I informed those on this list that the CFB would be holding a
one-day convention in Nanaimo on May 2.


Our very able convention chairperson, Donna Hudon, fell and broke both bones
in her lower left leg.  She's going to be completely out of commission for
at least two months.  With less than five weeks to go, asking someone else
from that area to step in and coordinate would have been unreasonable.
We've reluctantly decided to postpone the convention until this autumn.
We'll keep you posted as we plan the details.  

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