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> A member has asked that we circulate the following survey request.
> David Andrews
>> From: "Alex Cohen" <ahc43 at drexel.edu>
> My name is Alex Cohen and I am a member of the NFB Keystone Chapter in
> Philadelphia.  I am a doctoral student in marketing at Drexel
> University and my research revolves around creating a more inclusive
> marketplace for the blind. Last year you helped me distribute my survey
> about the retail environment to the national membership, and I was
> hopeful you could help me once again.
> I have two studies about online accessibility. The first is about
> sports fans and their behavior online, specifically relating to their
> online experience with their favorite team's official website.
> We have evaluated the official websites for all of the professional
> sports teams, top 50 NCAA football and basketball programs, and a large
> sample of international soccer teams, and have found them all to be
> >quite far from acceptable conformance standards for accessibility.
>> Welcome and thank you for agreeing to take part in our survey.
>> We would like to know about your thoughts and opinions about being a sports
>> fan, and your experience with using your favorite team's official website.
>> Before we even start, can we invite you to visit your favorite professional
>> or collegiate team's official website? This way the accessibility of the
>> website and ease of navigation will be fresh in your mind. You can do that
>> through www.nfl.com, www.nba.com, www.mlb.com, www.nhl.com, or your favorite
>> collegiate team's official website. After that, please take our survey
>> through the following link:
>> http://drexel.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6VFbbpHvq9ZS7Ot
>> A donation will be made to the St. Lucy Day School for Visually Impaired
>> Children for each completed survey.
>> Thanks a lot for your participation!
>> If you have any difficulty with the survey, please contact Alex Cohen at
>> ahc43 at drexel.edu.
>        David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
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