[nfbwatlk] Another device to help us "see"

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Wed Jun 24 18:00:12 UTC 2015

And here's one of the differences that makes it difficult for there to be a
meeting of the minds: some of us don't *want* to have our mobility tools
lying on our feet by a winter's fire or needing petting. We want to stash
them in a corner and not think about them again until we need to go
somewhere. And neither camp really understands the other. (grin)


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Yeah, I know! But then I doubt that the electronic dog would be a warm
presence lying on my feet in the winter.  (Smile).  And I can't imagine that
it would be real thrilling to pet my 
electronic dog.  Lol.     Debby and Nova who is lying by my feet.  
(Hey, at least she unconditionally loves me.  (Big grin).

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