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I participated in a state presidents' conference call concerning breaking a
world record by creating an umbrella mosaic. The previous world record for
this was set in Indonesia on a soccer field with 21669 participants. We want
to really break the record by having at least 3000 participants.  The event
will take place before our first general session on July 8. There will be
time between this event and the general session to go back to our rooms,
shower, and change clothes if desired. We will need to be in the staging
area, which will be in the parking lot behind the hotel  by 7:00 A.M.  It
will take an hour or more to get everyone lined up. We will be lined up in
lines of 47 people each. We will all be issued a wrist band with an RFID
chip in it, so we can be counted when we step over the mat to line up. Our
mosaic will show our new icon with our tag line "live the life you want."
There will be a Guinness world record adjudicator on site and we will know
immediately if we broke the record. We will hold our umbrellas up for 5
minutes, and a picture will be taken from above. We will be able to purchase
a certificate, suitable for framing, with our name indicating that we were a
participant in this record breaking event. This certificate will cost
$25.00. No chairs will be provided although people could sit on the ground
if standing for the hour is problematic. This will be a fun and unique, once
in a lifetime event. Besides our convention attendees as participants, we
are inviting the exhibitors, Rosen Center staff, Delta Gama members, Boy
Scouts and Girl Scouts, to join the fun. If you know of other groups that
should be invited, please let me know and I will send the suggestions on.
One more important thing, you need to register for this event. It will give
national an idea of the number of members that will be participating. It's
really easy to do this, and coming from me, that says a lot. Just go to
www.nfb.org/gwr and sign up. See you in Orlando for this great record
breaking event! 

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