[nfbwatlk] Colorado Springs based Worley Enterprises announces bold new, gamechanging venture!

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Hmm.  Interesting.  Wonder if they'd hire me.  Probably not.  
Lol.  I'm a recovering junk food junkie.

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Subject: Colorado Springs based Worley Enterprises announces bold 
new, gamechanging venture!
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Cheryl Gross
Manager, Community Relations
WE Fit Wellness
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WE Team Embarks on Mission to Inspire Greater Access to Nutrition 
and Exercise for All.

Colorado Springs, Colorado (January 15, 2015): Today, Worley 
Enterprises, the WE team, a company which has provided a variety 
of concessions, vending, and facilities operation services to 
government and private industry since 1992, announced WE Fit 
Wellness.  Drawing on latest research showing a higher level of 
obesity and its associated negative consequences among people 
with disabilities, seniors, and Americans in poverty the company 
plans to reach underserved populations with encouragement, 
information, and strategies to reduce obesity and improve quality 
of life.  The innovative program was inspired by the company's 
successes implementing wellness efforts for WE team associates as 
well as its long-standing commitment to lower the appalling 
unemployment rate among people with disabilities, which now 
stands at more than 75%.  The timely initiative is also driven by 
the need to train and assist concessionaires, vend operators, and 
agencies to improve marketing techniques, increase profits, and 
encourage life style change on government property in the face of 
regulatory pressure as a result of the Affordable Health Care Act 
and other market forces.  The team believes that it's 
demonstrated accomplishments on behalf of the National Federation 
of the Blind, National Association of Blind Merchants, Seeds 
Community Café, Catamount Environmental Institute, Colorado State 
Business Enterprise Program, and other grassroots and 
professional organizations make it best positioned to bring 
immediate and lasting impact on the lives of real people from 
different backgrounds with different needs.

"WE Fit Wellness has three distinct but related components," said 
Kevan Worley, company CEO.  "Developing and operating corporate 
wellness initiatives, reaching organizations that serve people 
with disabilities with innovative, energizing exercise and 
nutrition strategies as well as bringing training to concession 
operators are all things we know how to do very well.  The WE Fit 
Wellness initiative really is a model of social entrepreneurship 
that we not only endorse; it is a meaningful commitment we are 
proud to make."

According to Jessica Beecham, who will direct the WE Fit Wellness 
project, "advising and offering ongoing training to vend and 
concession operators will be one component of an aggressive 
global strategy to improve lives.  WE Fit Wellness is a research 
based practical initiative.  We will share what we know works to 
get people moving toward accessible, affordable, achievable 
exercise and nutrition practice." The company says that using 
research, strategic partnerships with government agencies, health 
and wellness experts, and product suppliers, combined with an 
institutional understanding of the needs and realities of 
government concession operations, it is well positioned to 
provide relevant education which business operators can apply for 
immediate results.

WE Fit Wellness Director Beecham continued, "My background in 
recreational therapy and exercise science has inspired a 
tremendous passion to support individuals with disabilities, 
senior citizens, people in poverty, and others who have been left 
behind in our Nation's push for wellness.  By teaching and 
modeling that better nutrition and exercise is within reach and 
essential to bring equality of opportunity and long-lasting life 
quality we can encourage EVERYONE to move toward a healthier 
lifestyle." Worley Enterprises has assembled a powerful team of 
subject matter experts who live the WE Fit Wellness philosophy.  
Ben White will direct the company's vend operator education 
program.  Professor White said, "I am a vend operator, 
instructor, and have been a junk food junkie! But I know how to 
teach the techniques and introduce the products that actually 
work to exceed government guidelines and make money."

The company plans to bring its positive approach and proven 
success strategies to the corporate world as well.  With her 
infectious enthusiasm, Director Beecham exclaimed, "Training 
concessionaires, inspiring those who have been left out of the 
wellness movement, and offering our message of  hope, 
inspiration, and results-driven leadership to the corporate world 
are three complimentary elements of our mission to make a 
difference.  The philosophy will resonate with corporate and 
organization conference planners wanting to present their 
stakeholders a powerful message of engagement, motivation, and 
team building through personal responsibility." The WE team knows 
that greater productivity, increased profit, better life quality, 
and reduced health care costs all spring from a commitment to 
physical, emotional, and mental wellness through balanced 
nutrition and exercise.

WE Fit Wellness Director Beecham and CEO Worley are blind.  Their 
personal stories are compelling.  They have forged successes and 
touched many lives.  They will motivate and educate all who hear 
them.  The WE team speaker experts promise they will "really get 
you moving!" They will share the humanity, hope, and habits that 
can inspire greatness.

How can agencies and entrepreneurs procure the WE Fit Wellness 
training? How can state and private agencies utilize the services 
of WE Fit Wellness to bring clients increased employment and 
quality of life outcomes? How can companies or agencies procure 
the WE Fit Wellness approach to life? Contact Cheryl Gross at 
866-543-6808 ext.  10 or by email, 
cheryl at wefitwellness.com<mailto:cheryl at wefitwellness.com>.
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Cheryl Gross
WE Fit Wellness
Accessible, Affordable, Achievable

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