[nfbwatlk] Re History Kicks

debby phillips via nfbwatlk nfbwatlk at nfbnet.org
Sun May 25 22:19:00 UTC 2014

Hi Elizabeth, so much of what you wrote rings true.  Often when I 
sit and talk with individuals (friends of mine from both NFB and 
ACB, we realize how much we have in common, and there is a 
melancholy note that we aren't totally unified.  But I also have 
the same experience with Christians.  I have friends who are 
Christians from all kinds of backgrounds.  My husband is 
Lutheran, I am Catholic.  Sometimes we look at each other with a 
sadness and say, "Why can't we share the thing that we have most 
in common"? Perhaps someday we will.  I went to the Lutheran 
Church with him, but I could not make that leap.  Now he is going 
to Mass with me.  Whether he will or can make THAT leap, only 
time will tell.  I made the decision to leave ACB because of its 
stand, or lack thereof, on the minimum wage issue.  I am happy 
and proud to be a member of NFB, but I do miss my ACB friends, 
too.  I was a member since the early 80's.  But I will keep 
working to make life better for blind people.  And I will keep 
doing my best to be conscientious in all I do.  That doesn't mean 
perfect, but if I do my best, no one can ask more than that.    
Peace,    Debby

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