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Program Supervisor, Equity and Civil Rights

Open Until Filled

The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is seeking a visionary and dynamic leader to join the OSPI team as a Program Supervisor for the Equity and Civil Rights Office. This critical and innovative full-time position is based in Olympia, Washington. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the OSPI website (www.k12.wa.us<http://www.k12.wa.us>) to gain insight into the agency’s mission and strategic plan.
OSPI Mission and Vision
In collaboration with educators, students, families, local communities, business, labor and government partners, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction leads, supports and oversees K‒12 education, ensuring the success of all learners. Washington’s education system prepares each student to live, learn and work as productive citizens in the 21st century.
Position Overview
The Equity and Civil Rights Office promotes understanding of rights and responsibilities under civil rights laws, monitors compliance with those laws, and develops tools and resources to build systems that facilitate equal access to education.

This position carries out the responsibilities of OSPI to monitor and ensure school district compliance with state and federal civil rights laws, including chapters 28A.640 and 28A.642 RCW, chapter 392-190 WAC, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These laws prohibit discrimination in Washington public schools on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, veteran or military status, disability, and the use of a trained dog guide or service animal.

The primary role of the program supervisor is to provide support and information to help parents, students, and educators understand civil rights laws, regulations and responsibilities and to discuss potential issues and options. Collaboration, neutrality, legal analysis and problem-solving, and effective and accurate communication are essential to this position.
The program supervisor works with families and educators to resolve allegations of discrimination; provides civil rights information, training, and technical assistance to school district administrators, teachers, families, and others; and monitors school districts to ensure that their policies, procedures, and practices do not result in discrimination. The program supervisor does not serve as an advocate, but as a resource to families, educators, and OSPI staff to answer questions regarding civil rights matters and assist in resolving concerns of discrimination. The program supervisor coordinates with other departments, school districts, state and federal agencies, professional organizations, and others to effectively accomplish this work. These responsibilities effect the continued federal funding for the state.  This position is supervised by the Director of the Equity and Civil Rights Office.
Key Responsibilities
1.      Provide technical assistance, information, and resources regarding civil rights requirements in a professional, legally accurate, and approachable manner to school district staff, parents, advocates, and other interested parties.
2.      Respond to allegations and complaints of discrimination by students, parents, employees, and others; investigate complaints; and facilitate resolutions.
3.      Design and lead trainings and workshops for school districts, parents, advocates, and other stakeholders regarding civil rights, school district responsibilities, complaint procedures, and OSPI services.
4.      Identify, research, and analyze potential discriminatory policies, procedures, and practices within OSPI and school districts, which requires research and analysis of nondiscrimination laws, regulations, guidance, and case law.
5.      Coordinate and conduct monitoring of school district compliance with state and federal civil rights laws through on-site compliance reviews, desk reviews, and other methods as needed. Identify issues of noncompliance, outline corrective actions, and help to ensure that district comply with any required corrective actions as a result of program review and monitoring activities.
6.      Design and prepare guidance materials, memoranda, recommendations, bulletins, reports, tools, and other resources that support the work of the department.
7.      Collaborate and consult with state and federal agencies, professional and advocacy organizations, and other OSPI departments.
8.      Ensure accuracy of civil rights information on the OSPI website and other external communications.

Required Qualifications

 1.  Bachelor’s degree;
 2.  Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability to deliver technical and legal information clearly and concisely in writing and verbally in both formal and informal settings, including public speaking before a range of audiences;
 3.  The ability to work independently and in a team setting; and
 4.  Ability to travel statewide.

Desirable Qualifications
The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction is seeking candidates who meet or exceed the following:

·        Master’s degree or higher in K-12 education, public administration, law, or related field

·        Experience working in the K-12 education system and knowledge of OSPI’s role

·        Knowledge of state and federal nondiscrimination laws and regulations, and understanding of civil rights issues affecting school districts

·        Experience actively listening and responding to parent and student concerns and/or complaints, preferably in regards to issues of discrimination, equal access, or disability (Section 504 preferably, or special education)

·        Ability to analyze complex problems and legal issues and develop practical solutions for schools, students, and parents

·        Experience communicating legal concepts to a range of individuals (such as parents, youth, and school professionals) in writing, by phone, and in person

·        Demonstrated mediation, conflict resolution, and/or alternative dispute resolution skills

·        Knowledge and experience in effective program planning, and in developing training programs

·        Strong skills in the use of technology for presentations, data collection, and communication

·        Knowledge of the responsibilities of state education agencies and the roles and responsibilities of other agencies

The annual compensation for the position is $60,000 - $70,740 per year and will depend upon experience, educational background, and qualifications. Washington State has a generous benefit package including health, dental, and life insurance, retirement, and an optional deferred compensation program. Please go to the following websites for benefit information; www.hca.wa.gov<http://www.hca.wa.gov/> for information regarding health benefits and www.drs.wa.gov<http://www.drs.wa.gov/> for retirement plan information. This is a Washington Management Position.
Application Process
Those interested in this position may apply by submitting a letter of interest specifically addressing the qualifications listed in this announcement, a current resume, and a list of five or more personal and professional references. There is also an optional affirmative action information form below.
Please send all the application materials to:
Joe Lee, Human Resources
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
600 Washington Street Southeast
Olympia, Washington 98504-7200
(360) 725-6272; Joe.Lee at k12.wa.us<mailto:Joe.Lee at k12.wa.us>
Electronic application packages are encouraged and should be sent in MS Word format only.

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