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There's no question that transportation is a very big challenge, especially
in areas with no public transit.  If I could drive, I would.  

I'm assuming, and it may be a big assumption, that the telescopes provide
sufficient useful vision for people with some eye conditions to make driving
safe.  I wonder what conditions such telescopes help.  I'm guessing RP in
the earlier stages where central acuity is still good.  I wonder if they
help with macular degeneration, too.  

I talked to someone recently who truly believed the NFB was opposed to the
use of partial vision.  What an unfortunate misunderstanding of our
position!  We are opposed to using vision when alternative techniques would
really work better.  At the moment, driving isn't one of those situations.
Unlike reading where school districts are willing for children to be
permanently disadvantaged by not learning Braille, the life and death
requirements of driving mean that any vision enhancement techniques need to
work very well.  Low expectations cannot be allowed for drivers.  That's why
I figure that enhanced eyesight through telescopes, etc. is a genuinely
effective technique for driving.  That's terrific!

One heartening sentence in the article was the one that mentioned self
driving cars as a potential solution for us.  I believe we may have
difficulty being permitted to be the sole occupant of such vehicles.
Current law requires a licensed driver to be in charge in case the computer
technology malfunctions.  Given the state of the technology now, and the
likelihood that it will take several generations of computers before the
technology is reliable, the requirement for a licensed driver is quite
reasonable.  I hope the requirement will disappear as soon as the need for
it does.  I also hope that the driverless cars will have a user interface
blind people can operate.  It appears that we're target consumers for this
new driverless technology and that's a very good thing.  We can thank the
Blind Driver Challenge for making us a vital part of this conversation.

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Well, that's great for him that he can drive and all, but obviously just
because someone can drive doesn't make them more productive than someone who
uses a cane or dog and treks to the bus every day.  It just takes less time
to get to work, that's all.  And sure, I wish I could pop in my car and go
to the grocery store.  Or dash through the drive-through at Walgreen's to
pick up my prescriptions.  And I'll even admit that it ticks me off
sometimes when it takes me twice as long to get somewhere on the bus as
opposed to driving.  But on the flip side, I met my husband on a bus.  So
hey, you never know what adventures you'll 
have as a bus rider.  (Grin).    Debby

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