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Start the new year right by reading the January Braille Monitor.  By
tradition, many people start the new year by examining themselves and
setting out goals for improvements for the coming year. The January Braille
Monitor offers practical advice as well as food for reflection for the
coming year.

Some examples of practical advice are "Our Rights and Their
Responsibilities: Access to Prescription Label Information" by Mike Freeman
and "The AccessaMed Digital Audio Label: The Accessible Prescription Drug
Labeling Choice" by Les Fitzpatrick.  Although the article "Intuitive
Eating: Enjoy your Food, Respect Your Body" by Linda Bacon and Judith Matz,
was intended for the diabetic audience it contains valuable information for
everyone who eats.  The article by Sean Whalen, "University Says No to
Google," is a call to action for all students.

In the pause for reflection category there are several articles examining
attitudes.  "Oh My, Dr. Asch was Right" by Patty Estes is a poignant article
about the attitudes of medical professionals. Check out "How Disability
Simulations Promote Damaging Stereotypes," by Toby Olson for another
interesting attitudinal prospective.  A great mantra for the new year is the
article by Mary Fernandez entitled "How Daring to Believe Changed My Life
and How it Can Change Yours."

Sharon Maneki

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