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Cindy Bennett clb5590 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 18:47:13 UTC 2013


As you may know, the Washington senate has not authorized a
continuation of a tax that was funding Metro Transit and other
agencies. This will cause a 17% Metro transportat cut. However, if
we can get an initiative put on the ballot, then the people will have
an opportunity to vote on a continuation of this tax to avoid these
cuts. I am unfamiliar with the consequences this will have on other
transit agencies, but I know the effect will be state-wide so you
should look into this even if you do not use Metro Transit busses.

There is an online comment forum here in which you can comment on how
17% bus cuts, or whatever cuts your transit agency is proposing,
would affect you.

I know that many of us rely on public transportation, and thought that you
wouldn't mind taking a minute to fill this out. All of the comments
will be given to the senate next week.


You will be asked for your name, city of residence, and email address.
You will also have an option to fill in an organization. I am unsure
if this is referring to members of transit-only organizations, but I
put NFBW there.
There is a series of check boxes for you to indicate what your primary
concern is. You can choose to be pro or con revenue, roads, reform,
public transportation, or ferries. I discovered that you can only
choose 1, not one pro and
one con, but just 1 issue at hand; I am guessing that most of us are
going to be pro Public Transit so check that box.

There is finally a comment box and a list box of transportation forums
that have been held throughout the state recently. I went to the
Seattle forum last night, and there was no sign in sheet, so if you
didn't go to your city's forum, you might as well say that you did go
because no one will know.

Thanks so much!

Cindy Bennett
Secretary: National Association of Blind Students

B.A. Psychology, UNC Wilmington
clb5590 at gmail.com

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