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THE READER - Supporting local options for transit and road maintenance funding From the Office of Mayor Mike McGinn News, Updates, and Information 

FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013 

Supporting local options for transit & road maintenance funding Mayor McGinn has been working with other elected leaders to address our transit needs and road maintenance backlog. He has brought together 47 mayors from across the region, along with business leaders, to support proposals in the state legislature this session that would provide funding more Metro buses, rail transit, filling potholes, repaving streets, and repairing bridges.

On Monday, Mayor McGinn joined over a dozen business & elected leaders from around the region in support of local options for transit and road maintenance funds <http://www.kingcounty.gov/exec/news/release/2013/March/11KeepKingCountyMoving.aspx> .

"Our regional economy is finally emerging from the recession. But our businesses and residents will suffer if we cannot continue transit service or maintain our roads and bridges," said Mayor McGinn. "We need local revenue options so we can provide better transportation and continue supporting economic recovery in Washington State."


Next steps on affordable housing
In Seattle, we’re working to create great communities with access to jobs, parks, libraries and transit. At the same time demand for housing is growing in Seattle as the city recovers from the recession. Seattle has been ranked the #1 city for tech jobs by Forbes, and was #4 nationwide in overall job creation in 2012, according to the US Department of Labor. Based on current trends, Seattle expects to add 115,000 jobs and 70,000 housing units in the next 20 years. We now need to work even harder to help ensure everyone who works in Seattle has the option to live here as well.

A few weeks ago Councilmember Richard Conlin and Mayor McGinn directed the Department of Planning and Development and Office of Housing to convene an advisory group to look at the City’s affordable housing incentive programs. It’s been several years since we last updated the City’s affordable housing incentive programs and, with the economy turning around and the housing market strong, now is a good time to re-examine these programs.

Read more <http://mayormcginn.seattle.gov/next-steps-on-affordable-housing/> .


Update on pre-paid parking program, road safety emphasis patrols Mayor McGinn, the Seattle Police Department and the Seattle Department of Transportation updated the public <http://mayormcginn.seattlegov/update-on-pre-paid-parking-program-road-safety-emphasis-patrols/>  on the mayor’s pre-paid parking program and road safety emphasis patrol efforts in advance of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this weekend.

Mayor McGinn, SPD Captain Mike Nolan and Jerry Everard, owner of Spitfire Grill

“When it comes to our road safety efforts, we are taking an ‘all-of-the-above’ approach,” said McGinn. “That’s why we are making it easier to park your car on our streets overnight to reduce the likelihood of impaired driving and that’s why we are stepping up our enforcement with targeted emphasis patrols. I thank our Seattle Police Department, Transportation Department, all of our Road Safety Action Plan partners, and those participating in the Seattle Nightlife Initiative for helping everyone get to where they are going safely.”

Since its launch in April 2011, people have used this service over 45,000 times. Pre-paid parking allows drivers to pay for street parking in the morning starting at 10 p.m. so drivers can give themselves a little more time to get home safely and retrieve their vehicles the next day.


Advancing work toward adaptive traffic signal system Mayor McGinn announced that the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) had retained the transportation firm Transpo to conduct a study toward implementing an adaptive traffic signal system in Seattle <http://mayormcginn.seattle.gov/advancing-work-toward-adaptive-traffic-signal-system/> . Transpo’s work will help the City move forward on deploying this advanced system, where a corridor’s signals respond immediately and independently to changing traffic flows, as well as enhance signal synchronization and real-time signage, and increase public access to construction information and traffic conditions.

“We are working hard to help everyone get where they are going safely and smoothly,” said McGinn. “That’s why we are looking at upgrading our traffic signal system so that traffic flows more efficiently, which benefits all users of our roadways. I thank SDOT Director Peter Hahn for his development of the Access Seattle strategy and his implementation of the Transportation Action Agenda.”

The study is part of SDOT’s Access Seattle agenda, first launched by the mayor and SDOT in February 2013 and previously highlighted in the State of the City address to the City Council. The City identified the need for adaptive traffic control as part of its March 2010 SDOT Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Strategic Plan <http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/its_plan.htm> .


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