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> Subject: Favor for WTBBL Annual Report
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> Hi, friends and colleagues.  We are trying to finish up our annual report for the library and I thought it would be really neat if any of you would be willing to email me a quote about why WTBBL is great for WSSB, kids, staff at the LH, members of NFBW and WCB, technology trainers, teachers, OTC clients, whatever works for you.  Doesn't need to be long.  If you are interested, if I could beg of you to have a quote or testimonial to me by Friday, March 15...
> Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
> Danielle
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> Subject: today's call
> Hi All:
> I want to apologize, I gave out the wrong code in my reminder last week.  For future reference, the correct code is (57277569).
> We are looking at having another call on February 12, 2013.
> On Today's call:
> Ammeter Sue, chair, RC, PAC
> Colley Berl, moderator
> Colley Denise, WCB
> Durand Lou Oma, DSB
> Freeman Mike, NFBW
> Stenehjem Dean, WSSB
> Note, Paula & Cindy tried to get on the call.
> We don't know about Jim.
> Lou Oma, said that she has re-applied for her position.
> She also has some vacancies that she wants to fill.
> At this point, she doesn't have any Legislative agenda.
> Dean, said that there is another discussion group being initiated.  It is primarily for 1-K parents.  Another group that he is working on, is through the Oregon and Washington Lions.  
> He like Lou Oma, is waiting for the new Governor's budget.
> Dean has also re-applied for his job.
> NFBW and WCB didn't have anything new to report.
> The next meeting is scheduled for February 12, 2013.
> Berl
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