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> Hi All
> I was able to go visit Sue Ammeter tonight at the UW Medical Center on
> 7 SE. I just hung out for quite awhile and we had a good visit. John
> had already left to go to the motel where he is staying.
> Sue's spirits seem to be good. She moved out of ICU to a private room;
> Sue appreciates this, for one thing because she is not crazy about
> listening to books and radio with headphones.
> The nurses, etc seem to be monitoring her breathing and assorted other
> post-surgery things. The whole routine keeps her busy because she also
> has a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a respiratory
> therapist. Before Sue moved to the private room, she walked 3 times
> around the floor of the ICU. When I left Sue was getting ready to
> order dinner, hoping for something easy to eat one-handed.
> Sue said she had a lot of pain the first day after surgery but much
> less today. At one point a nurse came in and needed Sue to roll onto
> her side so he could listen to her lungs. Sue said that moving for
> that she felt some pain.
> Sue thinks she may go home Monday but is not sure.
> Sue says Thank you to everyone for calls and concern. Sue's cell
> number is 206-914-4603
> Warmly
> DoreneC
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