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Subject: Honk Honk! Vehicle Donation Drivers: Idea Starter 12

Key Twelve: Holiday Mail Insert

*         We have small bright orange mailing inserts available to be put in
all your holiday mailings. If you need these inserts please contact Joanne
Wilson at Jwilson at nfb.org<mailto:Jwilson at nfb.org>!

*         The inserts read: "Wondering what to do with your old car or
truck? Donating your vehicle to the National Federation of the Blind is
convenient and may qualify you for a tax deduction. Call 1-855-659-9314 or
visit www.carshelpingtheblind.org<http://www.carshelpingtheblind.org> Your
donation can take the blind further"

*         These inserts can also be used anytime of the year that you are
doing personal, business, or NFB mailings. We have been using these at the
national center and have definitely gotten some vehicle donations because of
the inserts!

*         Remember, flyers and posters can be printed out from our vehicle
donation website at:

Remember, all slays accepted too!
Happy Holidays
Honk Honk! Thanks for helping steer this project down the road to success!

Joanne Wilson
Director, Affiliate Development
Office of the President
200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-659-9314 x2335
Email: jwilson at nfb.org<mailto:jwilson at nfb.org>

Vehicle Donations Take the Blind Further
Donate your car to the National Federation of the Blind today!
For more information, please visit:
www.carshelpingtheblind.org<http://www.carshelpingtheblind.org/> or call

The National Federation of the Blind wishes you a joyous and safe holiday
season. We would appreciate you including the NFB in your end-of-year
giving. Make your
contribution<https://nfb.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=1> now.

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