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Are you in effect saying that an election isn't valid unless multiple
candidates run? Were this the case, John Cherberg wouldn't have been
Lieutenant Governor from the late 1950's well into the 1980's. (grin)

In fact, I don't know whether others will run against Mr. Riccobono or not.
They certainly have a right to do so but if he is a viable candidate (and I
certainly will support him), why go with someone else just for appearance's



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Hi Mike, wow, this threw me so early in the morning and only part of my
first cup of coffee down, plus being sick over the weekend.  
You aren't supposed to do things like that to me!  Lol.  But on a serious
note, I am a little surprised at this.  So does this mean that there will be
a de facto election, or will someone actually run against Mark Riccobono?
It's funny because I remember some of us talking about what if this
happened.  I think the younger 
people like Mark and that's probably a good thing.  (Smile).    
Peace,    Debby

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