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Subject: [Blindad] Job Position Open In Nebraska

> Hello,
> Below is the information for a job position that is open in one of the 
> Commission For The Blind of Nebraska offices.
> Glenn
> Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
> Work Location: North Platte, Nebraska
> Hiring Rate: $ 15.194 to $ 17.557/hr.
> Job # 08109480
> DESCRIPTION:  Performs routine vocational counseling and guidance relevant 
> to an individual's overall adjustment to blindness.  Provides job 
> placement in the rehabilitation of blind/visually impaired individuals. 
> Performs related work as required.
> EXAMPLES OF WORK:  (A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, 
> nor do the listed examples include all the duties that may be assigned.)
> Describe the availability of services to new referrals and gathers 
> information as needed to complete applications for services.  Refers blind 
> consumers to services offered by other agencies or organizations as 
> appropriate.
> Determine eligibility for services based on the applicant's unique 
> strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, 
> interests, and informed choice.  Gathers medical information as needed for 
> documentation of blindness or visual impairment.
> Develop an individualized plan for employment in conjunction with 
> consumers designed to empower blind individuals to maximize employment, 
> economic self sufficiency, independence, and full participation in 
> society.  Develop an individualized plan for independent living in 
> conjunction with consumers with independent living rather than vocational 
> goals designed to maximize their ability to participate fully in their 
> home communities.
> Counsel clients in their overall adjustment to blindness with particular 
> emphasis on achieving a positive understanding of blindness based on the 
> belief that blind people are capable of full participation in society 
> using the alternative skills of blindness.  Promotes opportunities for 
> blind consumers to network with and learn from positive blind role models.
> Coordinate training in the alternative skills of blindness provided by 
> orientation counselors in the field or at the Training Center for the 
> Blind.  Coordinate vocational training or other services as needed in 
> preparation for job placement or achievement of independent living goals.
> Provide career exploration, job readiness training, and job placement 
> services
> Build trusting relationship with employers and businesses in the 
> community.
> Assist with special programs designed to provide concentrated training and 
> socialization opportunities for blind consumers in a small group setting.
> Provide follow-up services for clients in all aspects of vocational 
> adjustment including working with family members.
> Monitor progress towards the achievement of personal goals specified in 
> individual service plans and maintain documentation of all activities and 
> services provided in case service records in compliance with federal and 
> state regulations.
> Collaborate with public and private schools, institutions of higher 
> education, health care providers, human service agencies, consumer groups 
> and organizations, and other relevant community resources on behalf of 
> blind consumers.
> Conduct presentations for the general public and interested groups 
> designed to promote greater awareness and understanding of blindness and 
> the capabilities of blind people.
> Participate in in-service training conferences, workshops, courses, and 
> meetings related to rehabilitation of the blind.
> acquired on the job and are needed to perform the work assigned):
> Knowledge and understanding of the agency's philosophy of working with the 
> blind, various educational modalities as they pertain to the 
> rehabilitation of blind individuals (i.e., Braille, cane travel, assistive 
> technology, etc.);
> Understanding of problems arising from blindness, counseling techniques 
> used in the rehabilitation of the blind and ability to apply techniques in 
> proper situations.
> Skill in evaluating each client's needs and the subsequent preparation and 
> implementation of instructional programs to answer these needs.
> Ability to organize and coordinate various ongoing instructional programs, 
> effectively evaluate the results of instructional programs, and revise 
> such programs as warranted; and establish a strong working rapport with 
> clients, general public and other service agencies.
> Minimal computer skills required.
> acquired through, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, the following 
> coursework/training and/or experience.):
> Bachelor's degree in social science, behavioral science, social work, 
> counseling/guidance, vocational rehabilitation, psychology, sociology, 
> human development, education or related and two years experience; OR 
> Master's degree in any of the above mentioned fields or related area.
> SPECIAL NOTE:  Successful candidates for employment must be able to 
> satisfactorily pass an extensive criminal background check. All new hires 
> will complete 600 hours of immersion training in Lincoln, at NCBVI 
> expense, at the Nebraska Center for the Blind to learn the alternative 
> skills of blindness (cane travel, Braille, assistive technology, 
> activities of daily living, etc.); those completing the training will be 
> certified as Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors for the blind.  Work is 
> performed under the direct supervision of a district or unit supervisor. 
> Field assignments and travel are involved in varying degrees.
> Interested candidates will be required to fill out an online application 
> with the State of Nebraska.
> The following link will assist you:
> http://agency.governmentjobs.com/nebraska/default.cfm
> Be sure to read the important instructions on the page you arrive at after 
> clicking the link.
> If a candidate fails to follow the instructions and fill out the 
> application completely, the application will not be forwarded for 
> consideration and the candidate will not have another opportunity to 
> apply.
> After clicking on the link, type the word "blind", without quotes, into 
> the Enter Keywords box and click on the "go" button on the next line, to 
> be taken directly to the job announcement.
> Should anyone have any questions, or need assistance with the application 
> process, you can call Nebraska State Personnel at (402)-471-2075
> Glenn Ervin, Orientation Counselor II - CVRCB
> Nebraska Commission for the Blind & V.I.
> http://www.ncbvi.ne.gov/
> Our Mission:
> Empowering Blind Individuals, Promoting Opportunities, and Building Belief 
> in the Blind.
> PH: 402 370 3438
> toll-free:
> 877 809 2419
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