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Congratulations and good luck to you!

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Yeah, I'm still in Louisiana. I'm finishing my last quarter at Tech; 
I'll be graduating in November with my Master's. I've just recently 
been awarded an NOMC (National Orientation and Mobility Certification) 
and will be taking my braille certification test in November before 
graduating. Things here have been a little crazy. We just finished our 
internships. Can you imagine teaching O and M in 100 degree weather? 
Neither could I until this last summer! Besides school, I'm involved in 
our local college radio station. I have my own radio show each week 
which, to tell you the truth, consists of monitoring the automatic 
music system and occasionally letting people know you're alive via live 
mic up. Otherwise, it's really more like hanging out with other DJ's. 
But after I'm done here at Tech, I intend to get started with internet 
radio as I've enjoyed being an amateur DJ. What else? Not much to 
report here. Aside from school and DJ-ing, I've been teaching O and M 
wherever needed in the local area. I teach at LCB once in a while and 
at a public school twice a week. We have a blindness professionals 
conference coming up soon which I'll be taking part in. And really, I 
guess that's about it.


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> Hi,
> Hey, Jedi, how are you and where are you these days?  Are you still in
> Louisiana doing your training?  If so, how is that going?
> Thanks
> Lauren, now in California
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> I wonder if the blind would be at a greater risk because people would
> see us as having mobility problems. And what's the deal with what the
> spokeswoman said? They didn't discriminate against these deaf people
> because of their disability, but for security reasons? EPIC FAIL!

> Respectfully,
> Jedi

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>> This kind of thing could easily happen to a group of blind people too.
>> Terrible.
>> -

>> September 25, 2011

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>> Anger as deaf people banned from taking flight

>> Published: 22 Sep 2011 10:44 GMT+1

>> Updated: 25 Sep 2011 18:45 GMT+1

>> A group of 22 holiday makers with hearing difficulties who were prevented
>> from boarding an Air Miditerranie flight for "security reasons" will have
>> their case reviewed by the state authority for defending human rights.

>> The group, including 18 deaf people, three with hearing difficulties and
>> one
>> person without hearing problems, had already checked in their bags for
>> flight from Marseille to Bodrum in Turkey when they were told they would
>> not
>> be allowed to board.

>> "Just as we were about to board, someone from the company told us we
>> couldn't,"
>> Fabienne Guiramand, the daughter of one of the women in the group, told
>> AFP.

>> "We tried to explain to the person who was liaising between us and the
>> pilot
>> that we were all perfectly self-reliant," said another passenger. "Apart
>> from, perhaps, two people who can't speak, everyone was capable of
>> and making themselves understood. Several were wearing hearing aids."

>> The airline said on Wednesday that they "regretted" the incident but
>> were important security reasons.

>> "In the procedures of Air Miditerranie, the deaf are considered persons
>> reduced mobility," said a spokeswoman, adding that in such a case the
>> airline
>> would normally assign a member of cabin crew for every five people.

>> The company denied it had discriminated against the group, but admitted
>> that
>> it
>> had made "communication errors" and that the pilot should have spoken
>> directly
>> to the group.

>> "It was unfortunate on our part," said the spokeswoman. "They felt they
>> were

>> being excluded because of their disability when, in fact, it was just for
>> security reasons."

>> "There was no reason to stop them boarding," said Cidric Lorant,
>> of an
>> association for the hard of hearing, Unisda (Union Nationale pour
>> l'Insertion
>> Sociale du Dificient Auditif).

>> "These are people with hearing difficulties but they are able to
>> understand
>> security guidelines and travel autonomously," he told AFP.

>> Solidarity minister Roselyne Bachelot took up the case on Wednesday,
>> referring
>> the matter to the state-appointed ombudsman for human rights, the
>> Difenseur
>> des
>> droits.

>> "On an airplane, a deaf person is in the same situation as someone who
>> doesn't
>> speak the language of the cabin crew," she said on Wednesday. "Should we
>> only
>> allow people who speak English or French to board?"

>> The Difenseur des droits confirmed on Wednesday evening in a statement
>> that
>> they
>> were examining the case and would "hold hearings if required."

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