[nfbwatlk] please join us on Phone Faith

Lauren Merryfield lauren1 at catliness.com
Mon Sep 26 01:46:43 UTC 2011

This is not spam.  It is for real!  

I recently discovered Phone Faith and I would like to invite anyone interested to join us!  It is a fun way to make new friends and share stories about blindness; to empower ourselves and each other!  It is a Christian board but anyone is welcome.  We have chat rooms, message boards and one can get his/her own mailbox on the system.  

I remember being on EVoice ten years ago and there were so many blind people on there, using up minutes, that many, if not most, groups disbanded because the company couldn't afford us.  Hopefully this will not happen with the current system.  

There is a main board, a friendship board, a health and wellness board, a business and finance board, a family board, a blindness services board, and an inspirational board.  

In the chat rooms there is a women's group, a men's group, karaoke, fun and games, healing conference, gratitude conference, technology conference, recipes, a twelve-step conference, employment and empowerment conference, movies, recordings, and so much more!  I am hoping to be involved in, you guessed it, a cat chat or pet-lovers' conference.  

It is fun to find posts in one's mailbox and to share with others in their boxes; just like receiving and sending emails.  

Please come and PURRticipate with us.  Everyone has something to share and to help someone else.  

and join us.  Please distribute this message far and wide within the blind community so we get the word out!
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