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Hello fellow Federationists, 


I wanted to share with you about a book I just ran across by a blind author.  It was on a mainstream publishing website I accessed through Facebook.  The book is of a religious nature.  I realize some may enjoy that type of book and others may not, but I still wanted to pass the book info along anyway. 



Facing the Son by Kris Belcher 

About the author:     As a young wife with two small sons, Kris Belcher was stricken with radiation-induced cancer, an illness brought about by lifesaving treatment she received as an infant for bilateral retinoblastoma. Five major surgeries within the space of five months left her physically and emotionally devastated — and completely blind. During that time, she discovered moments of spiritual strengthening that became holy places in her life — places of hope and healing. 


Book description for Facing the Son 

How can you and I improve spiritual vision so that we can grow closer to the Savior? 

In the Orientation and Mobility class that Kris Belcher attended when she first went blind, she learned that she could determine what direction she was facing by using the sun. In the morning, for example, if she felt the sun on her face, she would know she was facing east. 

"Spiritually," Kris writes, "we can also receive comfort and direction from the Son. If we can feel the warmth of the Son - the Spirit - then we know we are facing the right direction." 

Identifying several common "light-blockers" that can impair our spiritual eyesight, Kris offers practical remedies, suggesting ways in which we can choose to face the Son and feel His Spirit in our lives. Her down-to-earth stories, keen insights, often-humorous perspective, and unswerving faith will fill your heart with light. 


    • Chapter 1 Face the Son by Remembering Your Importance 

    • Chapter 2 Face the Son by Following Promptings 

    • Chapter 3 Face the Son by Trusting in God's Promises 

    • Chapter 4 Face the Son by Seeking Truth from the Source 

    • Chapter 5 Face the Son by Seeking Joy through Gratitude 

    • Chapter 6 Face the Son by Hoping Good Things to Come 

    • Chapter 7 Face the Son by Turning Complaints into Prayers 

    • Chapter 8 Face the Son by Listening to the Words of Living Prophets 

    • Chapter 9 Face the Son by Living Vertically 

    • Chapter 10 Face the Son by Looking on the Heart 

    • Chapter 11 Face the Son by Seeking the Spiritual Gift of Discernment 

    • Chapter 12 Face the Son by Choosing Not to Be Offended 

    • Chapter 13 Face the Son by Receiving Help 

    • Chapter 14 Face the Son by Using Wisdom 

    • Chapter 15 Face the Son by Not Giving Up God 

    • Chapter 16 Face the Son by Jumping In 

    • Chapter 17 Face the Son by Relying on Christ's Atonement 





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