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Most of you have probably already seen the post below. However, it is of
sufficient importance that I thought it wouldn't hurt to emphasize it.


Mike Freeman



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Monitor now available on NFB-NEWSLINE!



Beginning today, November 28th, NFB-NEWSLINE will feature the Braille
Monitor on its service.  This magazine of the National Federation of the
Blind offers information on organizational events and activities and is
available eleven times per year.  At the most recent NFB convention and in
the August/September Braille Monitor it was announced that the December 2011
issue will be the last one produced on cassette.  While other means for
accessing the Monitor are available, we believe that NFB-NEWSLINE provides
an easy and flexible way to read our organizational publication.  


Subscribers may access this publication under the magazines option
(available under option seven from the main menu when using the phone-based
access method) under the "Blindness-Related" category.  Please note that the
Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind has also been placed into this


We hope that offering the Monitor on NFB-NEWSLINE makes it easy for you to
keep up to date with all that the Federation does.




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