[nfbwatlk] Happy thanksgiving!

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Thu Nov 24 08:28:01 CST 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all. We all do, indeed, have much to be thankful for
including our Federation family. Truthfully, many outside our movement don't
quite grock what a powerful thing our family feeling is.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Mike Freeman

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Thank you for reminding me of things in my life I am thankful for also.
I hope you have a happy Thanks Giving!
-Mike Mello

On Wed, 23 Nov 2011 14:37:46 -0800, Humberto Avila wrote:

>hello everyone,
>I'm here to wish you a very wonderful thanksgiving. please take a 
>moment to thank all the things that we have. I'm thankful for 
>technology and assistive technology. I'm thankful for JAWS. I'm 
>thankful for the internet. I'm thankful for Braille, yes, Braille 
>rocks! I'm thankful for the Braille and technology resources that we 
>have available in this country and the state of Washington. I'm 
>thankful that we have a department of Services for the Blind here in 
>Washington. I'm thankful for this mailing list and all the web 
>resources of the NFB that allows us to communicate better and widely. 
>I'm thankful for NFB Newsline, the best newspaper and e-reading service 
>I've ever seen in my life. I'm thankful for the National Federation of 
>the blind itself, and I'm also thankful for the National federation of 
>the Blind of Washington. I'm glad I am not the only one who is blind 
>and that there are more people like me fighting for rights and
accessibility. I think you should be thankful for these things as well.
>Well, that's all for today. have a nice holiday and be safe! hope that 
>I can see some of you soon.
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