[nfbwatlk] Regional Manager Vacancies for OCR in the Dept. of Health and Human Services

Prows, Bennett (HHS/OCR) Bennett.Prows at HHS.GOV
Wed Nov 23 14:23:35 CST 2011

The following vacancies announcements listed below for the Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist (Regional Manager), GS-0360-15  has posted to USA Jobs, the opening and closing dates are as follow:

Please click on the links below to review the MP vacancies.


HHS-OS-OCR-MP-12-566136 (Philadelphia ) Opening 11/25/11 - Closing 12/15/11

HHS-OS-OCR-MP-12-560268 (New York) Opening 11/25/11 - Closing 12/1/11

HHS-OS-OCR-MP-12-560142 (Chicago) Opening 11/25/11 - Closing 12/1/11

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