[nfbwatlk] Oregon lookstoiPadto makevoting easierforthose withdisabilities, The Oregonian, November 7 2011

Mary Ellen gabias at telus.net
Sun Nov 20 01:26:19 CST 2011

Ours still has knobs.  I've heard of some ovens that start at 350 degrees
and beep every five degrees when you push the up or down temperature
buttons.  I don't know about the burners, though.  The next time we need a
stove, we'll have to make the people in the stores plug one in and let us
test it.  Some sales people are intrigued with the problem and get
interested in helping us figure it out.  Others have just said "I don't
know."  What they're also saying is "I don't particularly care and don't
want to be bothered."  I'm hoping that our stoves last several more years.
I'm really glad that the International Braille and Technology Center for the
Blind is keeping a list of fully accessible appliances.


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Hi Mary Ellen, what about the knobs and such?  Does your stove actually
still have knobs you can turn?  That would be more frustrating to me than
anything.  Anyway, I'm glad that you say 
the flat tops work okay.    Seace,    ^Ebby

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