[nfbwatlk] Interesting technology

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 23:06:48 CST 2011

Well, okay here are a few thoughts.  First of all dogs usually 
work longer than five years, sometimes up to as much as ten or 
even eleven years.  If going somewhere that the dog has been to 
several times, it gives great cues as to where the door to my 
favorite coffee shop is, etc.  Although dogs can be expensive, 
there is such a sense of freedom and joy as Lamar and I walk 

The cane has served blind folks well for many, many years.  I 
thought the categorization of people who use canes as traveling 
by trial and error makes me cringe.  Is it an error if I am 
walking along with my trusty cane and the cane detects an 
obstacle before I bump in to it?

But having been a science fiction fan for awhile now (although 
I'm not as deep into it as some folks) and having read all of 
Isaac Asimov's robot series, some day walking with a robot would 
not be such a bad thing.  After all, they could do so much more 
then guide us-when we go to our favorite restaurant guided by our 
wonderful robot, it could read the menus, and flag down the wait 
person when I want more water and am clearly being ignored.    
Peace,    Debby

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