[nfbwatlk] Oregon looks toiPadto makevoting easierforthose with disabilities, The Oregonian, November 7 2011

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Whirlpool has generally been better than other companies about making their
stoves useful to blind people.  We bought one with a flat top, but it has a
slight difference in texture between the elements and the rest of the cook
top.  That makes it easier to place the pot before turning on the heat.

I've found, though, that the old "tapping the charcoal" method works very
well for finding a hot burner on a flat top stove.  (If you haven't read it,
"Tapping the Charcoal" is a story in a Kernel book by the same name. The
Kernel books can be found on the NFB web site.)

I was afraid of flat top stoves at first, but now I wouldn't want any other


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Maybe.  And I definitely agree about the appliances.  When our stove dies,
I'm afraid we'blind have a hard time finding one with knobs and regular
burners instead of those flat places on the stoves.  I know they're easier
to clean without the burners, but I still haven't figured out how you know
where to put the pots 
and pans, etc.    Peace,    Debby

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