[nfbwatlk] Oregon looks to iPad to make votingeasier forthose with disabilities, The Oregonian, November 7 2011

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
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If no party fits you, you're S O L until the general election. The caucus
system essentially lets members of each party pick their candidates. This
doesn't prevent independents from running but why should I, a Democrat, have
anything to say about the candidates that, say, Glenn McCully, a Republican,
will be given a choice to vote for representing his party?

Ultimately, I suppose, it depends upon whether one believes in the party
system or not. But I have news for those who do not believe in it: parties
are here to stay. Why? Because banding together to advocate a common point
of view is as old as this country. That's essentially what ACB and NFB do.
And the distaste of the founding fathers was disingenuous at best as both
Federalists and Democratic-Republicans (that's what Jerferson's party was
called back then) decried partisanship all the while they fostered it in an
effort to get the country and government to adopt their party's policies.

Frankly, the citizenry today is woefully ignorant on how politics works and
their history.


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I don't totally understand the caucus system, growing up in 
Oregon there were the primaries and then the main deal.  And what 
if neither party fits me?  Bjg sigh.  On certain things I'm 
pretty conservative, but on others not so much.    Peace,    

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