[nfbwatlk] Baseball is the Topic Tomorrow Night!!!

Prows, Bennett (HHS/OCR) Bennett.Prows at HHS.GOV
Tue Nov 1 09:45:28 CDT 2011

Well folks, if the Radio Reading Service *must* go, (and of course from my standpoint, I hope it doesn't,) tomorrow night's talk show will be among the last I host there. And, we're going out with a real home run. The Mariners' Insider, Shannon Dreyer will be my guest.  She knows all there is to know about the Mariners, and about the whole MLB baseball scene. We'll be talking about everything under the sun, clouds, retractable roofs, domes, etc,  concerning baseball.  At 6:00 P.M. you can listen at www.wtbbl.org<http://www.wtbbl.org>, and/or on your radio reading service receiver, and you'll hear one of the foremost Mariner reporter/broadcasters give us the up-to-date facts, stories, and probably a few rumors too about our baseball team, and anything else she wants to bring up.

Call in and get your questions answered too.  This is your chance.  You can call us at (206) 615-0414 in the Seattle calling area, or (800) 542-0866 (option 5) from anywhere in Washington State.  Maybe this show will renew your enthusiasm for ERRS, and/or the Mariners for that matter.

You can also E-mail questions to Gregg at the Radio station at Talk at Sos.WA.gov<mailto:Talk at Sos.WA.gov>.

And, if you call in first tomorrow night, you may get in *right off the bat*.  (grin.)  Or is that, (groan.)

See you tomorrow night.

Can you tell I'm excited.



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