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Fri Jun 24 15:45:16 UTC 2011

Thought some on this list might find these special education boot camps of interest.

From: Ramona Hattendorf [mailto:rhattendorf at wastatepta.org]
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Special ed boot camps - Families are welcome

Washington Education Association has offered these for a number of years; they are open to educators, administrators, families & community members.

July 11-15 Federal Way
July 25-29  Lk Chelan
Aug 15-19  Vancouver, WA

Details at:  Sp Ed Boot Camp 2011<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6axuh7bab&et=1106182033661&s=1130&e=001G5szMXHFPrWvNKQrWArlYtm2GHR7ZKPy-BikkTKBQASzAzXIHp0qDT3kUT9OOtPVu6ZwVF-Q812ccRMhLMlKC6kvOK-0lKUsgakVAVTeqPQmwuqwW_zT6i236ONCJfZ8f41L6fcYkVSiIaxHV05UgcxLgrAAaN9U0caz7UktMt4zyLKwKxDk2A_j3O3isLao>

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