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> Subject: [BARD-Support] Downloading BARD Books with Internet Explorer 9
> Hello List Members,
> Those of you who have started using Internet Explorer 9 have probably noticed that downloading doesn't work the same way as it does with earlier versions of IE. The process can make you think nothing is happening, which can be confusing and frustrating. Fortunately, however, it's easy to download with IE9 once you understand the changes.
> When you download a book with Internet Explorer 9, the prompt to download or save appears in a toolbar called the Information bar. You can respond to this prompt in one of two ways. One is to press Alt-N, which brings focus to the Information bar where you can choose whether to open or save the file. The other is to press Alt-S, which bypasses the Information bar and chooses to save the file.
> Once you press Alt-N and choose to save, or press Alt-S, the file begins to download. To see the progress of the download, press Control-J to open the View Downloads dialog box. Within this dialog box is an Options button that takes you to a dialog where you can choose whether to be notified when downloads are complete.
> If you realize that you made a mistake and you don't want to download this book, press Alt-N to go back to the Information bard. Focus will move to the Cancel button, so press Enter to cancel the download.
> By default, Internet Explorer 9 saves to a folder called Downloads in your User folder. If you want to change this location, do the following:
> 1.    Press Enter on the link to download a book.
> 2.    Press Alt-N to bring focus to the Information bar.
> 3.    Press Tab to the Save split button.
> 4.    Press Down Arrow until you reach Save As.
> 5.    Press Enter.
> You are now in a standard Save As dialog box where you can change the file name and download location if you like.
> We hope this information will help you download the books you want using Internet Explorer 9. Happy reading.
> The BARD Technical Support Team
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