[nfbwatlk] Dr. Jill Biden to Join Next White House Disability Monthly Call from Athens, Greece

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Thu Jun 23 19:47:41 UTC 2011

From: White House Disability Group [mailto:disability at messages.whitehouse.gov]
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Subject: Dr. Jill Biden to Join Next White House Disability Monthly Call from Athens, Greece

In order to help keep you more informed, we are hosting monthly calls to update you on various disability issues as well as to introduce you to persons who work on disability issues in the Federal government.

This call is open to everyone, and we strongly urge and ask that you distribute this email broadly to your networks and listservs so that everyone has the opportunity to learn this valuable information.

If you received this email as a forward but would like to be added to the White House Disability Group email distribution list, please visit our website at http://www.whitehouse.gov/disability-issues-contact and fill out the contact us form in the disabilities section or you can email us at disability at who.eop.gov<mailto:disability at who.eop.gov> and provide your full name, city, state, and organization.

We are excited to announce that Dr. Jill Biden will be speaking on our next call that will take place on Monday, June 27 at 10:30 AM Eastern. We apologize for the early time, but due to the time difference in Greece, this was necessary.

As you have heard, Dr. Biden will be leading a Presidential delegation to the Special Olympics in Athens, Greece.  Dr. Biden will be speaking on the call from Greece.

The call also will feature Lynnae Ruttledge (Commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration) and Sharon Lewis (Commissioner of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities).

I would encourage you to call in about five minutes early due to the large volume of callers.

The conference call information is below.

Dial in for listeners: 800-230-1951

 Title: White House Disability Call (use instead of code)

Date of Call: 06/27/2011

Start Time: 10:30 AM Eastern (dial in 5 minutes early)

This call is off the record and not for press purposes.

For live captioning, at the start time of the event, please login by clicking on the link below.


Please be respectful and only use this feature if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

Again, please distribute widely.

For those interested, you can follow the travels of the delegation through Twitter updates from Kareem Dale by following @disabilitygov (twitter.com/disabilitygov). The updates likely will begin Thursday, June 24 in the evening and last through Tuesday, June 28.



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